Zoom Transcription Services

From accessibility to note-taking, there are many reasons to keep transcriptions of your Zoom meetings. While Zoom offers an in-app transcription service, there are also many external sites that might better suit your team’s needs. We’ve outlined some of the most popular options here.


(1) Zoom

Using Zoom’s built-in transcription feature is the simplest option, though there are a few limitations that might deter some users. If you meet all the requirements, it’s a good option for easily creating transcriptions of your meetings.

  • You must be a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account and a licensed user
  • Only the account owner or users with admin privileges can create transcriptions
  • 89% accurate under “ideal conditions,” which is slightly less accurate than some of the other transcription services
    • Users have the ability to edit the transcription if inaccuracies are found
  • Limited cloud storage capacity
    • However, transcripts can easily be downloaded and stored elsewhere


(2) Rev

Rev is a site that offers three services: captions, foreign subtitles, and of course, transcription. They work with a team of over 50,000 professionals to transcribe your calls, so the transcriptions they provide are very accurate.

  • Simple pricing plan of $1.25 per minute of audio or video
  • 12 hour turnaround time
  • 99% accurate
  • 24/7 customer support


(3) Otter.ai

This program was created specifically to transcribe online meetings, so it’s pretty good at what it does.

  • Can transcribe live during the meeting, which is great for accessibility
  • 95% accurate
  • Different pricing options include a Free plan, a Business plan, and an Enterprise plan with volume pricing
    • Free plan includes: 600 minutes per month of free notes, summary for your meetings, collab hub for your meetings


(4) HappyScribe

HappyScribe allows you to upload a recording of your Zoom meeting, which it will transcribe in a matter of minutes.

  • Pay as you go, not subscription pricing
  • About $15 per hour of recording


(5) Trint

Trint is a speech-to-text platform that uses AI to provide transcriptions for audio and video. It offers powerful collaboration tools that make communicating across teams fast and easy.

  • 3 plan options: Individuals, Team (2-10 people), and Enterprise (for large teams)
  • Option to be billed monthly or annually

We highly recommend taking advantage of free trials to test out these programs and discover which works best for your team. With so many options available, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed, but testing them out is a great way to better understand your needs and figure out what program will fulfill them.

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