great websites (and companies) create a sense of belonging.

That starts with an accessible website, built for all users.

Website accessibility means that a website has been designed and built so that all people—regardless of ability—can process, understand, navigate, and use all of the features of the website without barriers.

Why It Matters
Website accessibility is a crucial and important part of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) work.

DEIB is about really understanding the perspectives and needs of others and creating spaces where everyone feels welcome and can thrive. This isn’t possible without taking into account the unique challenges that people with disabilities face.

Person using refreshable braille display


of the world’s population experiences some kind of disability.

Benefits of Website Accessibility

Helping to create an equitable world through website accessibility has many benefits for your business.

Creates Inclusive Experience

Prioritizes Equity and Belonging

Increases Website Reach

SEO Optimized Website

Accessible websites are favored by search engines like Google, increasing search engine optimization (SEO) performance and bringing more organic traffic to your website.

Improves User Experience

Website accessibility improves the user experience for all users, regardless of ability. Better user experience (UX) design means a lower bounce rate, better SEO, and more people visiting and engaging with your website.

More Device Compatibility

Your website will be accessible from different devices (e.g., computer, phone, smart TV) and situations (e.g., in direct sunlight, with limited bandwidth, without access to sound).

Enhances Brand Image

An accessible website improves your brand image, as people notice that you mean it when you say that DEIB is important to your business

How We Build Website Accessibility

From the start, we consider website accessibility during design and development.

Audit of Designs

Accessibility begins in the design process. Designers will make careful decisions about brand colors, fonts, and the layout of text. If you already have a website design/strategy, it’s never too late to make it more accessible.

Your website design will undergo an audit to ensure it is up to industry standards and meets the requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

hands annotating diagrams on desk covered in post-it notes

We ensure that:

  • Typography size and contrast meet the standard
  • Interactive elements are easy to identify
  • Navigation options are clear and consistent
  • Forms are clearly and accurately labeled
  • User controls for content that starts automatically are added

Accessibility Work During Development

Your site will be appropriately coded to WCAG 2.1 standards to ensure screen-reader and keyboard usability.

We ensure that:

  • All purposeful, descriptive images have alt tag within the code with correct formatting
  • Page layouts are presented in a logical flow
  • Code passes validation tests

AccessiBe Widget

We use the AccessiBe widget to ensure we meet all of the necessary requirements. AccessiBe is the leading website accessibility software for WCAG & ADA Compliance. It helps to customize each website to individual users.

We include one year of the AccessiBe widget ($500/year value) implemented on your website to provide extended accessibility features.

Content Maintenance

Improving your website accessibility takes regular upkeep. It is important that you are paying attention to the accessibility of additional content you add to your website over time. To ensure all of your website content is accessible, be sure to input:

  • Captions, descriptions, or transcriptions for audio or video media
  • Alternative text or descriptions for non-decorative images

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