Spam in Website Forms

Everyone with an email address or a website is familiar with spam. The more traffic your website gets, the more likely you are to receive spam messages in your inbox through the contact forms on your site. We put together a short video showing how you can prevent this from happening using a combination of WordPress and Gravity Forms.

Gravity Forms is a powerful tool that integrates with a variety of programs. It works with the spam plugin Akismet to protect the forms on your site from being overloaded with spam messages.

For extra protection, we recommend enabling WordPress’s anti-spam honeypot in Form Settings. This adds a hidden field to your form that will prevent bots from being able to submit responses.

While it’s impossible to guarantee stopping all spam, these measures will significantly reduce the amount of time wasted sifting through unnecessary form responses. It’s always important to check the Spam section of your form entries from time to time to make sure you haven’t missed any important messages that were incorrectly labeled.

Please reach out to us to have Gravity Forms and Akismet installed on your site.

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