Site health checkup
for WordPress websites

To ensure your website continues to operate at its best, we recommend a periodic Site Health, Security, & Vulnerability Audit. This thorough review allows us to proactively identify and address potential issues, saving you valuable time and preventing costly disruptions. Regular audits help maintain your website’s security and performance, ensuring it remains robust and efficient.

Once complete, you’ll receive a report of recommendations and next steps.

The Audit includes reviews of your:
  • Hosting setup and package, as well as a look into how you’re using your host resources like space and bandwidth
  • SSL certificate setup
  • Plugins setup – which are active vs inactive, which haven’t been updated in a long time, and which may be security issues
  • Potential backend issues, such as slow loading times
  • PHP version
  • Theme and when it was created or last updated
  • Email setup
  • Front end speed and loading time
  • User list
  • Potential site security issues, assessed with security scans
  • Caching setup
  • Site images and their contribution to site loading times
  • Sitemap and pages/post types that are indexed
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Also includes $150 credit for changes to your site.

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