Asked Questions

Estimate FAQs

Why is there an estimate range for the work I requested?

Our estimate leaves room for unknowns, like potential challenges that we may encounter with your website, possible changes to functionality or designs during the setup, or more extensive work that may be needed with plugins. Our goal is always to consider your business and website goals, both with regard to functionality and budget.

What if I plan to have other people involved in the FEEDBACK PROCESS?

Please let us know in advance or prior to the start of your project if you plan to seek any third-party feedback on your website during the process. This may require an extended timeline and adjusted pricing or estimate.

What if I CHANGE MY MIND about the work that needs to be done?

Changing your mind happens. This is part of why we highly recommend working with a designer to finalize your vision before development begins. If you don’t have a designer, please let us know so we can help you find the best fit for the work you need done.

Requesting changes to completed or in-process work may result in pricing and timeline changes. We will do our best to ensure any pricing changes are communicated in advance.


The WPSapphire team can help you implement an SEO strategy. If you’re interested in these services, please let us know.

If you’re interested in a more robust data-driven SEO approach to your website, we offer a 3-month package for $6,000. This package includes:

Month 1: Strategy

  • Conduct kickoff meeting – Understand client goals, brand, competitors, & target audience
  • Analyze SEO health – Assess pages, images, thin content, missing meta descriptions, etc.
  • Perform research and develop initial keyword plan & map – Research competitors, gaps, opportunities, volume, performance, keywords, etc.
  • Perform content audit and optimization of on-page and content elements – Optimize tags, meta data, titles, descriptions, alternative tags, links, etc.
  • Formulate custom SEO plan (that includes site launch/migration support as necessary)
  • Deliver baseline performance report with key findings & next steps
  • Conduct status meeting

Month 2: Implementation

  • Perform technical audit and optimization of technical SEO elements:
    • Find and fix crawl errors and orphaned pages
    • Identify and fix broken and redirect links
    • Ensure SEO-friendly URL structure
    • Check canonical tags
    • Add/review structured data
  • Perform research and update keyword plan and map.
  • Deliver performance report with technical audit findings/fixes, next steps, and editorial ideas.
  • Conduct status meeting

Month 3: Grow

  • Implement content strategy:
    • Client develops content leveraging keyword and content plan
    • Our SEO team reviews content and makes suggestions to optimize for SEO performance
  • Monitor and report on traffic for:
    • Overall SEO authority and health to include the quality and quantity of leads and visitor conversions
    • Growth of organic traffic, keyword rankings, and metrics that matter most to Google
    • New and updated blog post performance and user engagement
  • Perform research and update keyword plan and map
  • Deliver performance report with key findings, next steps, and editorial ideas
  • Conduct status meeting
I need help setting up EMAILS OR AUTOMATIONS ON MY CRM. Can you help with that?

We’re well versed in most CRM systems, and happy to help you. We’ll need you to provide information about lists and tags as well as set up emails, lists, tags, automated sequences, or other items on your CRM. Depending on what CRM you use, you may need a Zapier account for this connection.

I need ADA-COMPLIANT ACCESSIBILITY for my website. Can you help?

We definitely can! We have an accessibility specialist on our team and can offer two levels of accessibility for your website. If you’d like to add either of these to your website, please let us know so you can provide an estimate for the work.


We consider website accessibility to be part of a company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work. For basic website accessibility, we included one year of the AccessiBe widget, an automated web accessibility solution for ADA & WCAG compliance. This widget provides extended accessibility features when implemented. (For additional years, the current annual cost for the widget is $500.)


In compliance with Web Content Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1), we will make sure that your website code and design are appropriately compliant so users with disabilities can successfully navigate your website.

  • Audit of Designs – We’ll use accessibility best practices to audit the designs for your site, identifying any accessibility issues and offering feedback for necessary remediation, ensuring:
    • typography size and contrast meet the standard;
    • interactive elements are easy to identify;
    • navigation options are clear and consistent;
    • forms are clearly and accurately labeled; and
    • user controls for content that starts automatically are added.
  • Accessibility Work During Development – Your site will be appropriately coded to WCAG 2.1 standards to ensure screen-reader and keyboard usability. To do this we’ll make sure that:
    • all purposeful, descriptive images have alt tag within the code with correct formatting;
    • page layouts are presented in a logical flow; and
    • code passes validation tests.

Please note that while the following elements may be necessary for your site to conform to WCAG 2.1 standards they are not provided by this service. These include captions, descriptions, or transcriptions for audio or video media; and alternative text or descriptions for non-decorative images.

We also include one year of the AccessiBe widget implemented on the website to provide extended accessibility features. (Current cost for additional years is $500.)

I have SECURITY CONCERNS about my website or hosting. Do you offer any security services?

Yes, we offer a security package for a fee of $1,250.

We perform an analysis and audit of your security needs, which includes:

  • A 60-minute meeting to discuss your security concerns and requirements for your website;
  • A comprehensive report that reviews core security needs and recommended steps to address those security needs; and
  • Up to five (5) hours of work to address any identified security issues or needs during the project process.
My site is slow. Can you help me with SITE SPEED?

Many different factors can affect your site speed. If you’re a client new to WPSapphire, we’d recommend beginning with a Site Health and Security Audit.

If you’re an existing client, let us know speed is a concern. We’ll take a look at your existing hosting setup, core web vitals and make specific change recommendations.

I need help with GOOGLE ANALYTICS. Do you offer any support?

We can add Google Analytics or other analytics code to your site to allow you and your team to track visitors and determine future changes. This does not include the setup of goals or reporting on your chosen analytics platform.


If you need more support with Google Analytics, we can set up your Google Analytics 4 dashboard so you can easily access data from your website based on your specific website goals.

This work includes a 45-minute strategy session to map your analytics goals and needs and up to 5 hours to configure reports on your Google Analytics account.

COST: $1,200

This package does not include datalayers coding for your site. If needed, that work can be done for an additional fee.