Design & Backend health Audit
for Shopify websites

Our Design & Backend Health Audit allows us to do a thorough review of your site to identify potential issues before they arise — and discover what may be at the heart of your less-than-ideal website functioning. This checkup allows us to take an important look into your website setup, including time allocated for a design audit, backend development audit, and a strategic business review of the front end. We recommend this audit to all new Shopify clients working with WPSapphire, aiming to save you hours of billable time by finding issues before they become deeper problems.

Once complete, you’ll receive a report of recommendations and next steps.

The Audit includes reviews of your:
  • Design audit focused on the visual elements (colors, typography, branding), information architecture and ease of navigation
  • Backend theme and app review to understand how your theme is coded and ensure you’re not paying for apps you don’t need
  • Strategic business review of the front end focused on driving your business to the places you want it to go. We’ll look at CTAs, newsletter + CRM placement, wholesale pages and contact forms.
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Also includes 2 hour credit for changes to your site.

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